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Bernhard Ratschiller in Japan (C) Marktl Photography_Social Media Use for Bernhard Ratschi

choose your journey

We understand that everyone has their own preferred learning style. That's why we offer flexible options to suit your needs.

Learn at your own pace, month to month, or commit to an entire year of ski education. Whichever path you choose, we're here to empower you on your journey with unwavering support at every step.

5 hours instructional videos


Absorb knowledge at your own pace, without the need for personal interaction with a coach.

Unlimited Access to Instructional Videos, giving access to information previously only accessible to instructors.

Tailored pathway to elevate your theoretical understanding. 

Radskier digital toolkit to reach your full potential.


Yearning for that extra push in the right direction? You're ready for a skills Booster.

Exclusive skills "Boosters" to keep you on track.

Video coaching sessions personalised to suit your goals.

Video analysis and goal setting with world-class coaches.

Designed to help you conquer roadblocks along the road.

Spots are limited, so get in quick!
tailored personal coaching
highway to the horizon


Experience the ultimate 9-week transformation program, meticulously tailored to meet your needs. Join our esteemed Austrian top-level coach and 5 like-minded skiers to achieve your collective skiing goals. Access 5+ hours of instructional videos, personalized guidance, and live coaching sessions. Unleash your full skiing potential as a group.

3 Intakes per Year (July - September) (November - January) (March - May)

Unlimited Access to Instructional Videos, giving access to information previously only accessible to instructors.

Personalised goal setting and training plan. 

2 x Video Analysis Per Week

2 x Live coaching sessions during the 9 week time period.

Bi-weekly group training calls including technical analysis, body awareness exercises, and special equipment training. 

Engage in dynamic skiing discussions with like-minded individuals in your group.

COMING SOON - spots limited, register your interest today.
Andy cheng

Andy Cheng

On Radskier you have simulator and real snow video’s, this extremely helps you to understand how body mechanics works. On the simulators you clearly see the joints working and how to make a turn nicely by separating in to different steps. You can then easily put this in to your own skiing. Skiing with Bernhard is so different because he is very clear through the steps, how to use your body efficiently and building up a nice basic on different terrain AND AT LAST he’s always exciting and motivating which encouraged me through the training.

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