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Your Adventure Awaits! Discover the heart and soul of our skiing plattform as we share our passion for the slopes, gear, and all things skiing. Learn more about our story and the people behind the excitement.

Bernhard ratschiller

Born in Austria in 1988, Bernhard's ski journey began at age two. Excelling in youth ski racing, he clinched numerous state and national championship titles. After his military service, he shifted to mountaineering and off-piste skiing, delving deep into the sport's intricacies. Post-military, Bernhard committed to skiing full-time. In just three years, he achieved Austria's highest ski education level, the prestigious Staatliche Skilehrer, from level 1 to full certification—a record accomplishment.


He also secured sponsorships and starred in ski movies and magazine features. Beyond Europe, Bernhard ventured to Australia, Japan, and China over eight years, sharing his expertise with ski instructors. He immersed himself in diverse national standards, pioneering innovative teaching methods. Notably, he authored a comprehensive instructor education system for snow and simulator skiing in response to China's burgeoning ski market.

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bernhard radschiller

it's in the details

General Education

  • Austrian Skiing High School

  • Architectural Colleague

  • Military School for Mountaineering

  • Austrian Mountain Infantry Graduate Sergeant

Ski Education

  • Austrian Mountain Rescue

  • Austrian Ski Guide L2

  • Austrian SB Instructor L3

  • Disabled ski teaching course

  • Austrian Cross country instructor L1

  • Ski Racing Test - European Standard

  • Austrian Ski Diploma - Full certified instructor, trainer, and evaluator

Freeride Career

  • Fischer Ski International Team rider

  • FWQ Top 20 European Overall

  • 3 times part of big ski movies streamed in Europe, USA and Japan

  • 30+ commercial video and photo shoots

  • 20+ public speeches

Toni Hodkinson

toni hodkinson

Hitting the slopes at age four, Toni's talent led her to international ski racing with the Australian National Team. A decade-long career, including a top 10 finish at the World Junior Championships, honed her skills and deepened her love for the sport. With a solid academic foundation, Toni entered the ski industry, specializing in branding and creative strategy.


But her passion for empowering women in skiing drove her to create Radskier, uniting efforts to foster an inclusive community and promote growth. Toni's pursuit of excellence extends to psychology and human behavior within skiing, and she aims to complete her Austrian ski diploma. Her dedication is unwavering, driving both her and Radskier's mission.

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Join Bernhard and Toni on their thrilling journey as they combine their vast experience, expertise, and unyielding passion for skiing. Together, they are revolutionizing the way we learn, engage, and thrive in the world of skiing

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