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Albert Piñol

Meet Albert Piñol, a luminary Snowboarder and Exercise and Sport Science professional.

In 2011, he embarked on the international stage, journeying through the dynamic realms of professional snowboarding. Albert elevated his standing on the FIS and World Snowboard Point List until 2018, amassing 35 official starts with 15 top 10 finishes and 7 top 3 placements.

Over the span of more than 25 years, Albert has acquired extensive international experience, engaging in both active participation as a professional snowboarder and coaching athletes ranging from amateurs to World Cup competitors. His professional journey has involved collaborations with diverse organizations, including Academies, Private Teams, National Teams, and Snowschools. He has had the privilege of working in various countries such as Andorra, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, and Spain.

Albert is a Full Cert Snowboard coach, holding a Master's degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science, along with an MSc in Integrative Physiology where he has been working on snowboard science research projects. He works full time as coach and trainer in Sport development and Strength and Conditioning. He has a particular and eager view to share thoughts about Snowboarding, Biomechanics, Motor Learning, Exercise Science and off course home made “4 stagioni” pizza.

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t's in the details

SB Education

    MA of Physical Activity and Sport Science
    Msc in Integrative Physiology
    BS Snowboard Coach Level 3 (Full Cert)
    DE Mountain Guide Level 1
    DE Mountain Bike Coach Level 2
    Muscle Activation Techniques Certified

    21 FIS Official Snowboard Starts 2010-2018
    16 WS Official Starts 2010-2018
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