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 Boost your learning and experience the power of a personalised coaching session. Our trainers are committed to your success, providing tailored support and guidance. Our Boosters go beyond the session itself - you'll also gain access to a custom coaching mobile app, benefit from personal video analysis, and engage in goal setting to accelerate your progress. 

We are confident in the quality of our product, guaranteeing you a 100% refund if our boosters do not enhance your skiing experience

  • Single Video Analysis with 24h return guarantee and Coaching APP Acces...

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    59.99 euros
  • Personal video call with training plan and 2 video analysis (Basic Boo...

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    149.99 euros
  • It includes all benefits of 3 x PRO BOOST's.

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    399.99 euros
  • Including 6 Pro Boost Packages and full access to all our instruction...

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    999.99 euros

Thrills and Testimonials

Stories Straight from Our Rad Skiers

On Radskier you have simulator and real snow video’s, this extremely helps you to understand how body mechanics works. On the simulators, you clearly see the joints working and how to make a turn nicely by separating in to different steps. You can then easily put this in to your own skiing. Skiing with Bernhard is so different because he is very clear through the steps, how to use your body efficiently and building up a nice basic on different terrain AND AT LAST he’s always exciting and motivating which encouraged me through the training.

Andy Cheng | Private Coaching Pro Season Boost 

andy cheng_edited.jpg

Thrills and Testimonials

Stories Straight from Our Rad Skiers

The remote coaching session really helped my son to improve his skiing level.  Great session from which we can get the most professional advice not matter where we are.  My son could always get the timely feedback when he is skiing in US or getting the simulation training in Shanghai.  Coach Bernhard used multiple approach, video analysis, online meeting, to make the session very efficient.  My son and our family really appreciated all the help coach Bernhard offered.

Joyce Chen |  Private Coaching Pro Season Boost

Joyce chens son kevin


Ready to take your skiing to the next level? Discover Radskier's flexible online learning options tailored to suit your goals. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skier, we have the perfect program for you. Join us today and unlock your full skiing potential!

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