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Andy Cheng's Inspiring Ski Journey: From Hong Kong to the Austrian Alps

Andy cheng's inspiring ski journey

Andy Cheng, a Hong Kong-born teenager, is breaking barriers in the world of winter sports. Determined to master one of the world's toughest challenges, the Austrian Ski Instructor exam, Andy's story transcends personal achievement, symbolizing a bridge between continents through skiing.

A Remarkable Start

Discovered in a Shanghai skiing simulator, Andy caught the eye of Austrian ski school operator Bernhard Ratschiller, who recognized his potential and encouraged him to pursue Austria's challenging ski instructor exam. Embracing this opportunity, 17-year-old Andy moved to the Austrian Alps, rapidly advancing to Austria's level 2 ski instructing status.

Aiming for the Top

Andy's ambition is fueled by a desire to impact the ski industry in China. "I would like to reach the highest level - the 'staatliche' exam in Austria," Andy told CGTN Europe. His goal is to leverage this expertise to enhance China's growing demand for ski instructors.

The Rigorous Austrian Exam

Preparing for Austria's ski instructor exam is a rigorous process, demanding exceptional skiing ability and extensive knowledge in areas like equipment, snow conditions, avalanche safety, and

first aid. For Andy, these challenges are steps towards his ultimate goal of improving China's ski industry.

Bridging Cultures Through Innovation

Bernhard Ratschiller's vision goes beyond individual training. To make Austrian ski expertise more accessible, he developed a ski school app, allowing users worldwide to receive personalized coaching from Austrian trainers. This innovative platform is set to transform ski instruction, particularly benefiting those who can't travel to Austria.

Andy Cheng: A Symbol of Hope and Possibility

Andy's journey from the bustling city of Shanghai to the snowy peaks of the Austrian Alps is more than a personal success story. It's an inspiring tale of ambition, dedication, and the power of mentorship. As he pursues his dream, Andy is not just aiming for personal accolades; he's paving the way for future generations of skiers in China, embodying perseverance and international collaboration.

Stay tuned to for further updates on Andy's journey and the evolving world of ski culture and training. Let's support Andy as he continues to ski toward his dreams, motivating others to embark on their own journeys of discovery and success in skiing.

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